Established in 1998, Hermes Microvision Inc.(HMI) has been committed to the research and development of the most advanced E-beam Inspection (EBI) tools and solutions for the leading semiconductor manufacturing fabs. Today, HMI is the leading supplier of EBI tools for both foundry and memory fabs worldwide. Based on our proprietary electron gun and column technologies and highly effective defect inspection algorithms, we deliver multiple product lines, including eScan® Series / ePTM Series / eXplore® Series, for various R&D and production applications.

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Description :
eScan® series of e-beam inspection systems is designed for advanced wafer manufacturers. With the advent of eScan®, defectivity baseline in advanced fabs is being recalibrated. eScan® offers fast yield enhancement with the smallest e-beam inspection pixel size, highest sensitivity to DOI, and high-resolution imaging for inspection. Crystal clear on-tool review images effectively reduce the time-to-result cycle by eliminating most review SEM requirements. eScan® 320xp e-beam inspection system captures tiny physical defect and VC (Voltage Contrast) defects with HMI patented resolution enhancement
electron gun. eScan® 320xp’s LeapNScan™ technology with LFOV ( Large Field of View) and WWDS ( Whole Wafer Die Sampling ) provides effectively flexibility for process monitoring. eScan® 400xp with continuous scan e-beam inspection system provides most cost effective solution with balanced sensitivity and throughput for advanced memory and logic fabs.
eScan® 500 :
eScan®500 is the next generation model for the current flagship models eScan®320 and eScan®400. Faced with the continuing miniaturization demands of the manufacturing processes of the semiconductor customers, the image resolution of the eScan®500 is enhanced by more than 30% compared to the eScan®320. At the same time, it bundles a more flexible "LeapNScan™" scanning system with the Continuous Scan system
Value Proposition :
An EBI system with a longest life time for advanced fabs.
An EBI system with the highest sensitivity to DOI ( defect of interest ) signature detection.
An EBI system with the most reliable data and the highest defect location matching.
An EBI system offering the highest confidence level on advanced device analysis.
An EBI system with HMI's unique advanced charge control capability.
The eManager™ ADC system with the most advanced defect binning algorithm.
Applications :
eScan® is capable of generating defectivity baseline for both physical and electrical defects. eScan®'s main applications include : Front-end of line at Salicide, HKMG and FinFET; Mid-end of line at contact ACI and WCMP; and Back-end of line at Via ACI and Cu-CMP, etc.

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