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Established in 1998, Hermes Microvision Inc.(HMI) has been committed to the research and development of the most advanced E-beam Inspection (EBI) tools and solutions for the leading semiconductor manufacturing fabs. Today, HMI is the leading supplier of EBI tools for both foundry and memory fabs worldwide. Based on our proprietary electron gun and column technologies and highly effective defect inspection algorithms, we deliver multiple product lines, including eScan® Series / ePTM Series / eXplore® Series, for various R&D and production applications.

Operating Sites in Taiwan
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Hsinchu--HMI Headquarters
漢民微測 ( HMI )-新竹企業總部   HMI, based in Hshinchu, provides technical support service for customers in northern Taiwan and also functions as the operation center of the corporation.
Tainan--HMI Branch Office
漢民微測 ( HMI )-台南分公司   HMI Tainan branch office is the manufacturing and production center of the corporation. It is also an important location where technical support service is provided for customers in southern Taiwan.
Challenging Jobs in Worldwide Offices with International Outlook Just for You!
  HMI customers come mainly from such countries as Taiwan, the U.S., Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, and some countries in Europe. By traveling to different countries and serving customers of diverse nationalities, you can cultivate international perspective and global-mindedness, thereby becoming elite professionals in the international community.
A Promising Future Determined by Your Motivation and Innovation!
  In this age of nano technology, inspection equipment based on the core technology of E-beam will gradually become the mainstream of wafer inspection. If you are equipped with great ambition to take on challenges in advanced technology and with excellence creativity, we welcome you to join us in this trend in technology. We are sure this will be a promising career for you!

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