Established in 1998, Hermes Microvision Inc.(HMI) has been committed to the research and development of the most advanced E-beam Inspection (EBI) tools and solutions for the leading semiconductor manufacturing fabs. Today, HMI is the leading supplier of EBI tools for both foundry and memory fabs worldwide. Based on our proprietary electron gun and column technologies and highly effective defect inspection algorithms, we deliver multiple product lines, including eScan® Series / ePTM Series / eXplore® Series, for various R&D and production applications.

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As semiconductor processes have shrunk and evolved in the era of nanotechnology, the precision of wafer error testing has become more and more crucial. When traditional optical testing technology reached its resolution bottleneck, HMI began producing high resolution electron beam (e-beam) wafer error inspection systems, which have played a key role in helping customers increase the yield rate of their production processes, propelling HMI into the mainstream of advanced wafer process testing equipment. 2015,
however, was a challenging year for HMI, as the semiconductor firms that HMI serves have been at an emerging market exchange rate disadvantage and have faced overall macroeconomic instability, both of which factors militated against aggressive capital investments. As a result, HMI’s annual operating income fell to 6.65 billion NTD, a 7.8% drop from 2014. Profit was also shaved: net after-tax earnings totaled 2.32 billion NTD, for earnings per share (EPS) of 32.7 NTD.

Despite facing a headwind in the market in 2015, HMI has continued to develop and deepen e-beam wafer inspection technology both on its own and by conducting technology cooperation with customers and other equipment manufacturers. In this way, we have been reinforcing our competitive foundation. In terms of product development, this company’s latest product, the SkyScan500, developed for inspection of in-line monitor hotspots. Reaching a rate of hundreds of thousands per hour, the SkyScan5000 is the fastest in the e-beam inspection industry. The SkyScan5000 is complemented by a diverse product line that provides a solution for every wafer-testing need, helping every customer to improve production efficiency.

In 2015, this company introduced a Product Safety Review Form to carry out environmentally friendly product development based on the concept of “green design.” We now use non-toxic and flame retardant grade materials and will continue to consider recyclability and reusability of parts and materials to lower the environmental impact of each HMI product. HMI came in the top 5% in 2015 in the 1st Corporate Governance Review Ranking, laying a foundation for sustainable development and continuing competitiveness.

In terms of our outlook, we note the progress that has been made towards a 10nm wafer process and are cognizant of requirements for the R&D of 7nm and 5nm processes, not to mention the development of 3D or vertical flash memory storage. Technological development and technical evolution multiply production process difficulty, making it difficult to keep production yield under control. Semiconductor makers have increasingly rigorous expectations for the resolution of e-beam wafer testing equipment. This company will continue to bring out the next generation of e-beam wafer testing equipment, making advances in product quality and customer support to respond to market needs and help customers achieve superlative results while at the same time striving to realize our dedication and fulfill our promise to practicing sustainable development by acting as a model corporate citizen.

Our company pledges to honor EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) standards of practice to ensure employee well-being, workplace safety, environmental protection and ethical standards in business operations. This company will continue to guide suppliers, encouraging them to meet EICC standards. Its long-term goal is to apply the EICC code of conduct to sub-suppliers.

Further, this company has promoted reductions in energy consumption and waste production in daily operations, setting 5% and 85% reductions in energy and waste respectively as mid-to-long term goals, exerting ourselve for the sake of global resource sustainability. In 2015, the company’s waste water recycling rate was 21%, much lower than the 35%-70% typical for the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park. Moreover, “zero workplace injury” is an operating objective that the company will implement in the long term.

To keep participating in social outreach, this company focused its core competencies on supporting not only artistic and cultural events but also educational activities. In 2015, educational activities, especially to do with science and technology, were held in remote areas for the benefit of disadvantaged students. In this way, the company is doing what it can to cultivate the next generation. Moreover, this company has collaborated with external groups in assistance for major natural or artificial disasters, increasing the efficiency of rescue resource use and helping to lower the social cost.

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